Day 14

One of my mom's friends has been on a missions trip this week, and she's spent some time visiting various ministries. Last Thursday (after I had gone camping), she sent my mom a picture and a short report of what she had been up to. One of the ministries that she visited rescues girls from brothels in the area. The picture was of the woman who runs the ministry, an intern, and three girls who had been rescued. They were probably about ten years old.

I first saw the picture on Saturday when another one of my mom's friends came out to visit us on the camp out. My mom had emailed it to her, and she had it up on her smartphone. I saw it, but the full impact of it didn't really hit me then. Sunday morning, shortly after I woke up, I started thinking more about it, and it made me cry. When I got home that afternoon, an email from my mom was waiting in my inbox. It also had the picture.

I don't know if you've ever asked God to break your heart for the things that break His heart, but I think I got a tiny taste of what that's like. When statistics become faces, suddenly everything changes. I wish I could share the picture here, but I'm more concerned with protecting the identity of these girls and the safety they currently have. But please, please, please take my word for it. This is happening right now on our watch, and it's not ok.

Will you do something about it? You have an opportunity to change someone's life forever, to restore hope and freedom to them. Will you?