Day 27

Last night I watched the first half of the Super Bowl at my youth group. As the last notes of the Star Spangled Banner drifted away, I found myself teary-eyed. Not because Kelly Clarkson sang it well or because I'm thankful to be free, although the latter is definitely true (I wasn't paying enough attention to the former to know for sure). No, for me, it was because of a question that was ringing through my mind. How can we call this the land of the free when hundreds of thousands of people are enslaved and exploited within our borders? Where's the freedom for them?

I'm beyond grateful to be free, and I'm also extremely grateful to those who have paid the price for my freedom. I don't know if you've noticed, but it's an amazing thing to be free.

Will you provide freedom for someone today? It comes at a high cost, but not nearly as high as the cost He paid for you, or even the cost that countless men and women have paid for our freedom. Will you act?