Day 29

I'm going to try something new that I'm pretty excited about. I don't always have the time and energy to put a lot of thought into my posts, and for that I apologize. But I do have several pieces that I wrote previously, some for my old blogs, that I want to share with you. Today is part one of a story. I've touched it up a little bit, but not much. I hope you enjoy it!

It was shaping up to be the joust of the century. There were two knights, one on each side of the tiltyard, each dressed in a suit of shining armor.

To the left of the grandstand there was Arthur, seated on his majestic white stallion. He looked around nervously, scanning the crowd. Suddenly he caught sight of his father, the king. His father gave him a nod of approval, calming his frayed nerves.

On the opposing side there was Henry. Seated on his strong black stallion, he surveyed his opponent. Ha! He thought. How does he expect to win dressed in armor like that? Only the most necessary pieces. And it was true. Henry was arrayed in a fine, full suit of armor. Every inch of his body was covered by either chain mail or the sturdiest of metals. Arthur’s suit of armor that looked rather sparse, but it seemed to glow from within. It was composed of a simple belt, breastplate, and shoes, along with his helmet. He carried a light shield and held his lance in hand.

Arthur looked at his opponent, sizing up the match. He knew that Henry would do anything to win the joust. After all, Henry was fighting for his father, Brandon, who was trying to rob the king of some of his kingdom. Well, Arthur thought, today my father’s kingdom will be rid of one more threat. Or at least so he hopped.

The signal for the beginning of the first match came at last. As Arthur dug his heels into his horse, he almost turned back. But no, he couldn’t do that to his father once again. Besides, his father had given him a promise along with the suit of armor. “My son,” He had said. “Know that I will be with you always, through every battle.” And with those words ringing in his ears, Arthur straightened his course to ride strait towards Henry.

Henry was certain that he could easily un-horse his opponent on the first pass. But as he glanced up, he noticed that Arthur was making a straight course right for him. Henry veered slightly to the right to avoid contact, and both riders swung their horses around for another pass. 

To be continued...