Day 41

The party was a smashing success. Sixteen people were there, myself included. We gathered, we ate, and we talked. I asked five of my friends to each share a practical way to help end slavery. My mom's friend also talked about the House of Hope. We watched the Love 146 Love Story video and talked about human trafficking. At the party, $591 was donated. $120 more came in as a result of the party ($30 before, $90 yesterday) . And yes, that means another update! We're now at $1248.50! Many thanks to those who donated, and to my friends who worked so hard to get the party set up. You have all made this happen.

But we can't stop here. As incredible as $1248.50 is, it's only 1.25% of $100,000.  So be on the lookout for a new challenge tomorrow. In the meantime, will you give if you haven't already? And if you have, will you ask someone else to?