Day 44

I sit on the porch and watch clouds become raindrops.  The drizzle becomes a downpour, and I grab my journal and count more gifts.

the first drops of rain thunder lightning cool drops on my skin

And I remember. Psalm 68. Abundant rain. I look it up and read it: verse nine.

You gave abundant showers, O God; You refreshed your weary inheritance.

Rain washes over me, and the weariness melts off. And I add more gifts to my list:

rain-splattered psalms refreshment

Eucharisto. Refreshing rain. Thanksgiving deeper than I have known. Later, I look it up in Young's Literal Translation. "A shower of free-will gifts thou shakest out, O God." Showered with blessings given freely from the hand of my Father. Oh, what joy when my eyes are opened and I see His blessings! Soon I flip over to Isaiah and find myself in chapter 60. There it lies, underlined, the first part of verse five:

Then you will look and be radiant, Your heart will throb and swell with joy...

He opens my eyes, and I see. And in the seeing, joy unspeakable fills my heart. Counting gifts--such a simple exercise, yet unbelievably  fulfilling.  And as my family gathers with our church body for our Ash Wednesday service, the gratitude overflows and we worship.

Bread of Heaven broken for me, Cup of Salvation held up to drink, Jesus, the Mystery (The Mystery by Charlie Hall)

Gratitude. That's what I want this Lenten season to be characterized by. Gratitude for the cross, and for all that was made possible through the cross. Eucharisto in the cross, revived last night in the Eucharist.