Day 50

Yesterday, I missed something momentous. And for that, you have my most sincere apologies. Nevertheless, here it is, a day late and a dollar short.

You may remember my post about Christine Caine and Passion 2012. During the conference, there was an abundance of music. Fourteen of those songs were recorded for the Passion: White Flag album. But there was another song recorded during Passion, sung by Matt Redman and LZ7. It was released yesterday. It's called 27 Million. Every purchase helps support the A21 Campaign in the fight against human trafficking.

It's an amazing song and an amazing cause. Please watch the video trailer and then purchase it on iTunes. You can make a difference, and it's as simple as buying a song. And once you've purchased it, let your friends know about it and how they can fight human trafficking .

Today is February 29th. Will you be one of 29 by the 29th to give?