Day 55

This is a story. A story of superficiality, scratches, and impatience, but filled with hope and redemption. Yes, this is the story of my dresser. Now before you snicker and close this tab, bear with me. Because you just might find more of your story in the story of my dresser than you would think. After all,

The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all. -Frederick Buechner

Granted, a dresser may be stretching it a little bit. But lend me your ear, and we'll see where this grand tale takes us.

A few years ago, my parents got a new set of bedroom furniture, so my mom's old dresser moved into my room. It wasn't anything too fancy. Simple edges, painted plain white. There was a little bit of grain showing through--fake grain, I presume, seeing as underneath it was particle board. I wanted to do something with it for a while, but I wasn't sure what. After I painted a chair red, I decided to paint my dresser red as well, thinking it would be a nice accent in my room. And it was, for about five minutes. See, I didn't spend very much time on the prep work, so the surface wasn't prepared to absorb the paint. As a result, every time my fingernail caught the front of the dresser when I went to open it, every time something scraped across the top, and every time I stubbed my toe on one of the legs, it showed up. It didn't take long for the dresser to look far worse than it had when it was white.

Then, I spent quite a while thinking, I should do something with that. But it took me a couple months to finally have the time and energy to work on it. Finally, on Friday, I decided to make it one of my spring break projects. So I moved it out into the garage and started scraping the red paint off. It peeled off easily, nothing more than a superficial overcoat. Then, I began sanding the white paint off, getting as close to the particle board as I could. I tested paint on different parts of it from time to time, to see if I had done enough sanding. More often than not, I hadn't. Oh, how I dislike sanding! Just the thought of it makes me sneeze. It's a long, hard, painful process. But it needs to be done. There is no way that the dresser will be the best that it can be if I don't take  the time to sand it before painting it.

I'm just thankful that when areas in my life need sanding, the Carpenter is oh-so-patient with me. I hate the sanding. It makes me feel incomplete. But in order for me to be who He wants me to be and the very best that I can be, I need it. The areas of my life that don't reflect Him need to be sanded to make way for what he wants me to look like. It's a painful, time-consuming process, and it means peeling away my superficiality. It means being vulnerable. But it also means that I'm constantly moving closer to reflecting the image of Christ.

So to those of you who are experiencing sanding today, take heart. He loves you and He knows what's best for you. Trust Him.

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. -Philippians 1:6

And, if you have some time, take a look at this video. You are God's masterpiece. God's Chisel by The Skit Guys