Day 59

Guess what? This shirt frees slaves. How? Well, through a partnership between Not For Sale and the band The Museum, some of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt go to Not For Sale and the fight against human trafficking. But that's not all.

Just over a year ago, I started seeing something on the Not For Sale Facebook Page about a song that The Museum was releasing called Not For Sale. It was going to be available as a free download starting February 1st. I got pretty excited about it. When the first rolled around, I downloaded it and was blown away. The lyrics, the musicianship, and the passion behind it are amazing. You can download it here, and please, when you do, consider giving to support Not For Sale.

Not For Sale by The Museum

The money never had so steep a price. Where do we get the right to sell one's life? Don't you see the pain in her hopeless eyes?

One day her dream escaped into the night, And darkness overtook the pale moonlight. Minutes turn to days and soon to years, Now she can't remember life before those tears.

One look into your eyes on a beautiful night, Freedom ringing on through the quiet skies, Saying you and I, we are not for sale. Just to hold you in my arms and make this right, The moment you've been waiting for all your life, Cause you and I, we are not for sale, Not for sale.

We're fighting power and greed for the suffering, We're bringing hope back to the least of these. Where do we stand, where do we start to fight?

I still believe we can be the cure, We can carry the love for the world to hear, We've got to find a way to make it right, Cause we're fighting here for a human life.

P.S. I chose this outfit for today because I'm headed to a leadership conference with some friends from my church today, and The Museum is the band leading worship!