Day 115

Yesterday we calculated our slavery footprints. But what can we do to reduce that? The Not For Sale Campaign has provided us with an incredible tool to do just that: Free2Work. On the Free2Work website, you can look at different industries and find out how brands score (on a letter scale). Grades are based on publicly available information and data self-reported by the company, and measure a company's dedication to keeping child and forced labor out of it's supply chain. Each grade is four-fold: Policies, Transparency, Monitoring, and Worker Rights.

We can make a huge difference by choosing to support companies that are promoting freedom. Get acquainted with the Free2Work ratings so that next time you go shopping, you can make informed decisions. Also, if you have a smartphone, download the mobile app to stay informed on the go.

Do you have any other ideas of ways that we can reduce our Slavery Footprints?