Day 123

I’m learning to live life fully engaged. Sometimes, that means that after having dinner with some friends, you drive away in pain because of your rug burns. Your next stop is, of course, the craft store. You need some advice on how to fix your ripped dress (yes, the one you’re wearing for a year). But what an incredible game of hide and seek! Of course, getting back to the fabric counter is challenging because your pinky toe is still throbbing from where you stubbed it. Ok, well, maybe that had nothing to do with hiding, seeking, or chasing kids around. But it still counts for something, right?

Yes, this post is based on a true story.

Don’t worry, though. Thanks to three kind women at the craft store, we were able to fix the tear pretty decently. The worst part about the whole thing is that I lost that round of hide and seek.

I may now look into making a second dress so that if something like this happens again, it will be easier to manage. Or I’ll just stop hiding under beds. But probably not.