Day 125

Yesterday, a mother in Cebu spent Mother’s Day with her daughter, but she almost didn’t get the chance. Not long ago, Linda’s daughter, Roselle (names changed), at the age of 17, accepted a job as a waitress on an island several hours away from her home. Linda didn’t find out about it until after Roselle had left. Fortunately, she saw the job for what it was—a trap for her daughter—so she sprang into action.

The International Justice Mission has been training police in Cebu. The police were notified and they moved quickly. They intercepted Roselle’s boat as soon as it reached the island and rescued her before she had even been trafficked. IJM provided support for Roselle and a few other girls who were rescued. They also worked to see that the traffickers were arrested. You can read the whole story here.

Thank you for giving and allowing Roselle to spend Mother’s Day with her mother. You are making a difference. But we can't stop here. We're so close to $3500. Will you give in honor of your mother so that mothers like Linda can have their daughters restored to them?

And lastly, I can't let today's post go by without a birthday shout out to one of my amazing friends. Happy Birthday, Morgan! :D