Day 169

Yesterday, for lunch, I ate nachos. Simple, right? Tortilla chips, cheese, and some tomatoes on top. Monday's lunch was pasta with tomatoes. And I think I had tomatoes in my salad at dinner, too. What I'm getting at is that I like tomatoes.

Last night, I learned about this place in Florida where there are a lot of tomatoes. It's called Immokalee. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of it, because I hadn't either. A large percentage (as high as 90%) of off-season tomatoes are grown in Florida. But there's something else that exists in Immokalee as well--Slavery.

Did you know that, in the past 15 years, 1,000 workers have been rescued from slavery on tomato farms in Florida? These are the people who picked the tomatoes that you and I have eaten. And, as important as tomatoes are to me, people are far more important, so last night I sent a message through IJM to several U.S. supermarket chains asking them to sell slave-free tomatoes. I plan on printing a petition and asking others to sign it as well.

It's all part of the Recipe for Change, a summer campaign to take steps to end slavery here in the U.S. And while it only takes a few minutes, it can make a huge difference. You can find out more here. Will you take action on this today?