Day 182

Some days, I have no words. What do I even say? These past 182 days have been incredible. Life-changing. And I'm so, so grateful for them and for the next 184 in front of me. As time has passed and the novelty has worn off, wearing the dress every day has become less and less fun. Don't get me wrong--I'm still enjoying the project a lot, but it would usually be easier to just wear whatever I want.

And that's when it hits me: that's the point. This isn't supposed to be easy or enjoyable. Not that it can't be, but that's not why I'm doing it. And so I carry on, even when I would rather wear sweats. Not because I'm special or better than anyone else. It's because today, people are in slavery, and that matters to me. And to those of you who have shown that it matters to you as well, thank you. It means more to me, and to those in slavery, thank you can possibly imagine!