Day 185

You may remember that a couple weeks ago, I posted about Not For Sale and the launch of REBBL Tea. Since then, the Not For Sale causes page has been updated with boatloads of information. Here's the idea behind it:


REBBL would work to create jobs for at-risk people by sourcing ingredients from the Peruvian Amazon. The more tea that's purchased, the more ingredients needed. The more ingredients needed, the more jobs created. But this isn't just a company launched by a small team of people. This is something that is going to take all of us.

You and I have an opportunity to participate in the launch of REBBL. And that's not all--for every $35 dollars donated, Not For Sale will send you a four-pack of REBBL. I, for one, can't wait to taste mine! And please be sure to let me know if you decide to donate to the launch of REBBL so that we can add that to our total!


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