Day 198


Do you remember Grace? She lives in Uganda. When her property was stolen, IJM was there to help her get it back. This summer, they want to open a new field office in Gulu, Uganda. Their other one is in Kampala, Uganda. This will be their 16th field office, but more importantly, it will be the 16th place around the world where people like Grace can go to IJM for help. And that's huge, but it doesn't happen without our help. You can find out more here.

In other news, I wound up not wearing the dress very much yesterday. I wore it at the end of the day, but I'm in the throws of painting my room, and frankly, I like the dress black and I want to keep it that way. And since yellow is a hard color to paint, I'm going to need at least two coats, so I'll be painting again today!