Day 208

Last night, while I was working on a project, I really botched something. I was cutting fabric to re-cover a pair of chairs in my room, and I accidentally cut a smaller piece from one of my larger pieces instead of from the leftovers. Unfortunately, there weren't enough leftovers to re-cut the bigger pieces, and I didn't see how I could patch them back together. Then, I got an idea to create a stitch pattern that would allow me to reunite the two pieces and still use the fabric. It wasn't quite what I had planned, but I like how it's turning out. The whole thing was something so small, yet such a strong reminder of His grace. Cause I'm pretty good at botching things up in life, too, but Jesus has an incredible way of making me new again and allowing me to be used in spite of my humanness. And that's something worth resting in today.