Day 212

I, alongside much of the world, have been watching the Olympics during the last few days. Cheering on Team USA has been fun and it's been incredible to see what some of these athletes can do. Last week, I asked a friend of mine if watching the Olympics can count as exercise  Unfortunately, no matter how close to the edge of my seat I am or how fast my heart races, I just can't seem to get the same benefits as the athletes. It kind of reminds me of how life is. Watching things and feeling things isn't the same as doing something. I've had a lot of people tell me that they like what I'm doing. And honestly, it's been really encouraging. But that's not why I'm doing this. My experience doesn't matter if it doesn't change anything. So will you give today? You can make a huge difference. We're at $4903.09. Will you push us towards $5,000?