Day 250

A few weeks ago, I go a kind email from a soon-to-be friend asking for my mailing address so that she could send me something. Last Saturday, a small package showed up in the mailbox. Inside, I found a sweet note, an invitation, and a little red bag. Inside the bag was a gold key hanging from a gold chain. On the key, one word was imprinted: FREEDOM. In her note, she shared her story of finding my blog on a friend of a friend of a friend’s pinterest board. She shared the story of the key—a Giving Key. It’s a key that she ordered with me in mind, then passed on to me. And soon, it will be my turn to pass it on to someone else who is learning freedom. There was one line from the note that blessed my socks off.

And in embracing His perfect love, however unworthy we are, we can operate in grace-filled FREEDOM.

See, grace is something I have been learning over the past several weeks. I’m learning that walking in freedom isn’t about what I do and don’t do. On my own, I'm not worthy. It’s about Christ and what He did on the cross. And by accepting His love, I can begin to walk in grace and freedom. So seeing the word FREEDOM engraved on that key blew me away, and it went so far beyond my passion for ending slavery. Because I have been set free, I can work to set others free. That’s amazing to me.

How has His grace set you free?