Day 346

Day 346Day 346. The numbers march across the page and I am amazed. What an almost-year it’s been. And now, there’s just twenty days left to it. I remember this time last year, the frustration of trying to finish the dress and the anticipation of what the year would hold. And since then, you have given $6639.09. You’ve rescued girls from brothels, freed families from brick kilns, provided employment and new futures in the Amazon and Amsterdam, and educated kids in Uganda. That’s huge! Thank you!

But here’s the deal: There are still millions of people in slavery and we still have an opportunity to free many of them. We’re $3361 away from crossing $10,000. Can we get there by January 10th? Will you give something—anything—to help set them free? None of us can do it alone, but together, we can make an unbelievable difference.

You can give here.