Day 353

Day 353Whenever the Body of Christ gathers to make a difference, the results are beautiful. Earlier this month, a group of Christ followers in Mumbai, India, gathered at a home for trafficking survivors and gave them a Christmas party. The most amazing thing about it, though, is that they weren't giving out of abundance, but they gave cheerfully.

...most of the members of this small church come from a large slum. A rickshaw driver, a vendor who sells goods from a cart, and a "rag picker" – a person who sorts through trash to find pieces that may be recycled or resold – were among the church group serving that day. They sacrificed an entire day's work to volunteer their time at the home.

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The thing that amazes me is that you and I are a part of the same Body of Christ providing hope and rescue to trafficking survivors all over the world. If you want to be a part of that, you can give here.