Day 357

Day 357I'm looking forward to jumping into this year with both feet, but first, one last Christmas-themed post. (Speaking of Christmas, is it too early to pull out the Christmas music for this year?) So many of you gave a gift this Christmas that has immeasurable value. Earlier in December, three girls were rescued from the streets of Cebu in the Philippines. The first day after they were rescued, one of the IJM workers said this:

While we sang the Christmas song, I saw hope flicker in their eyes and joy gleam across their smiles. And I couldn't help but wonder how this Christmas might be different than the others they had celebrated; this Christmas, they were given the gift of freedom.

Thank you for giving them that gift. Be sure to read the rest of their story. And it's not too late (or too early) to give, either. I have just ten days (including today) left in the dress. Can we get to $10,000?  We're at $6989. You've given so much freedom to so many people already, but there are more who are trapped. Will you make freedom a reality for them by giving?

A fun fact about this outfit: My mom took several pictures of me on the day we took this, and my neighbor's lawn guy stopped by on his way out of the neighborhood to tell me that this one was his favorite. He thought I was doing some sort of costume thing, so I at least tried to explain the dress project to him. In his defense, however, the only other one he had seen was my elf outfit. No wonder...