Day 366

Day 366

Day 366 and I don’t even know where to begin. What a year it’s been. 366 days of the same dress. 366 different ways of wearing that dress. Some outfits that I would wear again in a heartbeat, others that I most definitely would not. Each day such an adventure, an adventure that wouldn’t have been possible without a whole posse of people on board. They’re the people who have lent or donated clothes, taken pictures, helped me come up with outfit ideas, prayed for me, and cheered me on every step of the way. And I’m so, so grateful. I’m also really grateful for you. For each of you who have read the blog, and to those who have left an encouraging note, thank you. And to those of you who have donated, you’re making a difference. You are setting people free, and that makes me really excited.

I started the year with a goal of raising $100,000. A few weeks ago, as I realized that probably wouldn’t happen, I decided to shoot for $10,000 instead. And yes, I would be thrilled if we got there, but right now, I’m grateful for every single dollar that every single one of you has given. $7515.09 $8515.09. That’s incredible. And it goes so far beyond that. Those are lives being changed, stories being rewritten. That’s amazing. So thank you.

If you’d still like to give, you can do that here. And today, let's celebrate.

Most of all, the thanks for this entire year goes to Jesus. He's the One who has made it possible. Loving the poor and the oppressed was His idea first, and I'm grateful that He's allowed us to share His heart for them.

And this video is my project recap—all 366 outfits plus fundraising progress through the year. The songs are "I Refuse" by Josh Wilson and "The Solution" by Eddie Kirkland.

And this isn't over yet. Tomorrow, my first non-dress outfit in a year and a discussion of where we'll go from here!