What's Next, Part 2

yaya (960x640)

It's been an amazing, insane, adventurous year. To each of you who joined me throughout the dress project, I'm more grateful than you can possibly know. You guys were the ones who made it possible. And now, a year and (almost) a month after it began, I'm ready to move into the next chapter. You've probably noticed that things are different around here. Since I'm not wearing the same dress for a year anymore, it's time to let go of the One Dress, One Year, For Freedom theme. I'm still passionate about ending human trafficking and I'll still be writing about that, but from a different perspective. Oh, and I plan on blogging twice a week now (Mondays and Thursdays) instead of every day.

I've had a bit of a hectic week getting ready for my next big adventure--a ten-week internship in North Georgia--and so I'm looking forward to settling into a new blogging routine (and a new routine for just about everything else) next week. Today, though, I'm focusing on getting ready to go and trying to kick this head cold. I'm looking forward to this new chapter and the things I'll be able to learn. I hope you'll stick around!