Pursuing Justice


Justice is something far broader than a single life can hope to capture, no matter how well it is lived. -Ken Wytsma

74BAED0A-6DFD-40D0-B0DD-83AD829F29BBWhen we hear the word justice, and particularly social justice, it’s easy to think of just one specific cause. Justice is ending human trafficking. Or it’s providing clean water. Or feeding the hungry, caring for the environment, or ending racism.

But what if it’s all that and so much more? What if, instead of being about this cause or that fad, it’s about God and what he loves? We don’t have to look far in scripture to see that God cares deeply for the poor, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the widow, and the fatherless. What if we could step outside of our neat little categories and make justice more about loving people, about seeing the world not just as it is, but as it should be?

What if it has a lot less to do with us and a lot more to do with others, yet is the thing that brings us the deepest joy? The truth is that we were made to love people. We were made to live in shalom. We were made to bring God’s right-side up kingdom to earth. And when we live to fulfill that purpose, we’ll find a deeper passion and joy than we ever knew was possible.

But if we’re going to seek justice, we need to know what it is. In Pursuing Justice, Ken Wytsma helps us do just that. He unpacks and reclaims words like justice, righteousness, love, and happiness. When we understand how close to God’s heart justice is, it’s impossible for us to worship without loving others as He does. That’s why this book is important. It challenged me and got me thinking, for which I’m grateful.

If you feel something in you telling you that there’s more to life, calling you to live and die for bigger things, then you need to read this book. I guarantee that you will be changed by it, but in the best of ways. You can purchase it here.

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