Shine a Light on Slavery Day

Guess who (er, uh, what) is coming back to the blog tomorrow for Shine a Light on Slavery day? It's had almost three full months off and hasn't been seen at all in eight weeks. I thought it was probably getting lonely at the back of the closet, so I'm bringing it back to the blog. My favorite black dress. Shine a Light on Slavery day is part of the End It Movement. There are seven End It Movement partners. Four of them were part of the dress project: Love 146, International Justice Mission, Not for Sale, and the A21 Campaign. The other three are the Polaris Project, Made In A Free World, and Free the Slaves. Learn more about each organization here.

So how can you get involved?

1. Raise your voice. Tell your friends. Draw a red X on your hand (something I'll be doing), and when people ask you why it's there, tell them about the 27 million people who are still in slavery. Talk about it on social media. Your voice matters. (more ideas)

2. Watch (and share) this video.

3. Give. There are seven coalition partners. In honor of the 27 million who are in slavery, and to see them freed, let's give $27 to each of them. That's just $189. Here's how this works: give to one of the seven organizations. Give what you can. If you can do $27, great. If you can do $5, do that. Then shoot me an email (bethanywinz [at] gmail [dot] com) or leave a comment and let me know what you gave. Tomorrow's post will be updated throughout the day with progress as you raise your voice and take action against slavery.

Together, we can make a difference. Will you join me?