Facing the Beans

We’ll jump into the Real Life Heroes series next week. For today, enjoy. I looked at the counter and sighed. I knew why that container of refried beans was there. I’d put away all the other food and loaded every other dish into the dishwasher. This container was all that was left, and frankly, I didn’t want to deal with it.

It’d been a busy few days, so it got left on the counter when no one had the time to toss the beans that were inside. I seriously thought about ignoring them. And when my parents got home, I’d just tell them that I didn’t have the courage to handle it.

I caught myself.


I didn’t have the courage?

The courage to face a container of spoiled beans?

What a wimp.

So I did it. (Negative self-talk and calling myself a wimp can be incredibly motivating sometimes.) I grabbed two grocery bags from the laundry room and took the container outside to the trash can.

I doubled up the bags and put them over my hand like a glove, held my breath, and opened the container. In went my hand (covered with grocery bags) and out came the beans. I tied the bag and quickly tossed it.

Unfortunately, by then I had to breathe again. And it smelled just as nasty as I thought it would. I dashed inside with the container, rinsed it out, and the smell subsided. It was over.

And really, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

It didn’t take that much courage, either.

Funny how that works. Once I stopped thinking about it and actually did something, it was simpler than I’d made it out to be. I find that to be true in a lot of life, especially when I get paralyzed by big problems and injustices.

It’s not as complicated as I think, and it doesn’t take that much courage. It just takes action.

Here’s to facing the beans this week.