Busy is a Thief

The battle for our hearts is fought on the pages of our calendar. –Bob Goff I’m standing in the kitchen, laptop on the counter, onions sizzling on the stove. After breakfast, it’s a few hours of writing work, then off to work, and then some more writing, and making sure that all of my camp responsibilities are taken care of even though I’m not in this morning, and then tomorrow it’s camp and exhaustion and probably some more writing and Wednesday brings camp and a food fight and hosting a youth event and cleaning and cooking and writing and Thursday is camp again and maybe a little more writing and a farewell party. And then maybe things will slow down.

As if.

Summer was when things were supposed to slow down, but I guess when I thought that I forgot that I have a life. And now I can barely catch my breath (let alone blog, as you may have noticed…).

But I hate busy.

I hate it because it keeps me from important. Urgent crashes in and I handle it and I’m left reeling, wondering what happened to my day or week or month.

I hate busy because busy is a thief. It steals my time, my energy, my joy, my sanity.

I hate busy because busy is a choice. Every single one of the things I’m committed to this week are things I chose. Things I could have said no to.

When I’m busy, I can’t hear God’s voice. I don’t let Him interrupt my urgent for His important. There are no quiet places for me to hear His still small voice. It’s like the Good Samaritan. What if the priest and the Levite weren’t as bad as we want them to be? What if they were just busy, too busy to care for a wounded man on the side of the road?

I’m busy, but I’m slowing down, making choices to free up time and headspace. I’m busy, but I’m still learning so much about grace and justice and wisdom, things that I can’t wait to start writing about again.

And next week, things will slow down. Not because I’m living in some fantasy world, but because busy is a choice, and I’ve had enough. I’m ready for some rest, for some quiet, for some normal.

But for now, I’d better go rescue my onions before they burn.

I’ll be back sometime next week…