I (finally!) have a word for 2014

I heard about the One Word Project for the first time this year. People who pick a word at the beginning of the year for what they want that year to be. They say it works better than resolutions. When I found it at the end of December, I thought about trying to pick a word for 2014. By then, I was exhausted. December rolled into January and it felt like all I could do was to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I didn’t have the energy to pick just the right word. So I didn’t.

A month later, one snuck up on me. I didn’t find it. It found me.

One word. Five little letters.


It’s taken me three more weeks to actually see it. It started with listening to that song 177 times in such a short time. And reading those underlined words that rattled around in my head all the next day giving courage to my weary heart. It’s talking to her on the phone when she can hear the exhaustion in my voice and she says, “You’re brave.”

It’s a small word, full of quiet strength, the kind that stands through the storms and speaks hope in the aftermath. And when this whole wild journey of growing up stretches me beyond what I think I can handle, it is the reminder that I do not walk alone.

So although it’s a little late, that’s my word for 2014—the word that found me.

Have you ever done the One Word Project? Do you have a word for this year?