Gifs, Gratitude, and a Giveaway (or, one week till book day!)

We are one week away from book day. (Wait. What?) In seven short days, the story of the dress will be in your hands. And, like any birth, bringing a new book into the world comes with a lot of feelings—feelings I don’t quite know how to express. 

I’ve spent most of the weekend dancing around my kitchen in disbelief. (This is what happens when my roommate is out of town. And also sometimes when she is in town, but that's beside the point.)

I'm so excited. I’m also terrified, but mostly I’m excited.

The main thing I need you to know is that when a 20-year-old publishes a book, it’s not because that 20-year-old is exceptional. It’s because people with far more skill and experience looked at that person, saw potential, and decided to invest in it. I get to share the year of the dress with the world because of an agent who relentlessly believed in the project, a co-author who put so much time and energy and thought and sweat into shaping these words, and an editor who thought it was a story worth telling.

I can’t believe that I actually get to do this. And it never would have happened without the incredible women I’ve worked with every step of the way. The writing itself was one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve ever done. There were, of course, mornings that I woke up convinced that everything I had to say was garbage.

As much as I need words to process the world, writing them is frustrating. Especially that many in such a short time. But thanks to Susanna’s hard work and patient encouragement, not to mention the many friends who talked me down off a ledge time and again, the book has been written and edited and edited and edited. And, well, here we are, just days away from the release.

(Yeah, I’m kind of freaking out about that.)

There’s another group of people, though, that I need to thank: YOU! For those of you who have been around since day one of the dress project and cheered me on every step of the way, those of you who have reminded me that my words matter, and those of you who are new around here, just stopping in to see what all of this is about...

To let you know just how grateful I am, I’m giving away three pairs of signed copies of the book—one for you, one for a friend. Enter by leaving a comment on this post telling me who you’d share the extra copy with. You can get two extra entries by subscribing to my blog and sharing the post. Just let me know in your comment if you do either (or if you're already a subscriber). The contest closes at 11:59pm EST Tuesday, March 8th. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator and notified by email. 

And if you're interested in pre-ordering a copy, you can find links for that here