The Book

When I first put on The Dress, I set out to change the world. I never expected it to change me the way it did. 

A few months after the year ended, Janet Kobobel Grant at Books & Such Literary Agency asked if I was interested in writing a book about it. She connected me with Susanna Foth Aughtmon, who's written several books of her own. Susanna agreed to write with me, and her skill and wisdom made this process smoother than I could have imagined.

As we talked, we realized that the story we were telling wasn't just about a girl who wore a dress for a year. It is that, but it's more than that, too. It's the story of a girl whose best efforts are full of mixed up motives. It's about how I thought (and think) that my actions determine my value, and how hard it is to believe that I'm loved. It's the story of a girl who spent a year working for the freedom of others, all the while needing some freedom herself. 

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